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Beauties and The Beast Photoshoot

Beauties and The Beast Photoshoot

Way back in the immediate past, the second storm of winter plunked itself down on the Canadian prairies. Luckily, while the barometer was changing, I had a photo shoot with a couple of beauties, a blonde and brunette, to be exact. It made a nice contrast to use a scrappy, salamander coloured, 40's truck as a backdrop. Dramatic skies helped but they were no competition to the wind providing a natural fan to the scene. My assistant nearly flew off across the landscape aided by the reflector acting as a sail. Undaunted, we persevered; those models were a hardy set and I, in layers of outerwear with frozen digits, just kept on clicking. The weather had warmed just enough to leave the permafrost surrounding The Beast surrounded by a softened skim of mud. Oops, mind the frocks, ladies!

Now, passion has me hovering behind the glass in such conditions but I often wonder why glamourous ladies want to be strutting out to take posing directions in skimpy outfits in front of rusty relics. We had such fun!

Beauty and The Beast


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