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Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, Golden Fall

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, Golden Fall

Everything has been shaping up mellow yellow at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. The park is just west of Calgary on the Bow River and that explains the predominant late season colour. After all, this part of the world doesn't get the reds and oranges that maples and sumacs inspire but with azure blue skies, cadmium yellow provides just the complement. Golden aspens sparkling in the autumn winds under crisp blue skies. Across the colour wheel and in nature, complementary works for the eye candy we have come to expect when fall rolls into the western hemisphere neighbourhood. Snappy blue skies has us sliding zippers higher and hunching shoulders ever so much more, bracing for the next season. The yellow spectrum calms those feelings and reminds that fall malingers. There is no panic, the golden aspens call out. Fall will linger for a while yet.

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