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Is One The Loneliest Number?

Lonely One

One is the Loneliest Number

The loneliest number? That familiar chant has a lyrical ring but alone is not always lonely, even though it stands alone. Sometimes alone is necessary.

It is easy to get lulled into mingling the crowds, following the people, hiding in the wings. A lot can be accomplished in solitude. Contemplative, meditative, thoughtful, soul searching all have merit in this fast track world of hustle bustle. And then there is technology. Pressing and pushing into the mold. What the ubiquitous “everyone” is doing. Solitaire is not always grim. There is peace in aloneness. Peace brings clarity. Conflict avoidance is meritorious. Single has value.

There are a few composition rules in art that relate to numbers. Some adhere to the strictest of interpretations. Odd numbers are stronger than even. Three and five are better than one so goes the rule. But one can provide focus, narrowing. The old man in the plaza is reflecting on his life, the single pigeon is uncommon, both are reinforced by shadows, the homeless man has just discovered outerwear left behind by a city view taker, cafes welcome singles, streets abound with single strollers. One will always limit the focus, whether or not it is a lonely one.

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