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Mongolia Nadaam Games Opening Parade - Rain or Shine

Mongolia Nadaam Games Opening Parade – Rain or Shine

Rain on the Nadaam Games Opening Parade? No matter, everyone is ready. Mother Nature just requires a little accommodation. Work things out, find out what she is up to and march on.

Drizzle, Sizzle. Smuck, Muck. Splish, Splash, Sploosh. Cover up.

Out of the closet with ceremonial suits. Military uniforms crisped. Wayward buttons located and dutifully replaced. Medals and awards jittering and jingling with every military measured step, proclaiming past distinctions and laurels.

Grandmas and girls and grandpas and sons. Old ladies and tiny babies, pompous men and gracious ladies, everyone is either on display or watching the display.

And the brass. Polished with spittle, or what ever secret remedies work in Mongolia's arid, short-lived summer. Now readied for the biggest parade of the year for the biggest sports event of the year.

Reflection of past accomplishments and current competition hysteria. Let the parade commence.

Mongolia, Nadaam, Ulan Bataar, parade
Waiting for the Parade to Start, Nadaam, Mongolia

Nadaam, Mongolia, parade
Nadaam Opening Ceremonies Rain, Mongolia

Mongolia, Nadaam, Ulan Bataar
Nadaam Opening Cermonies, Mongolia

Mongolia military Nadaam
Military Show in Nadaam Parade, Mongolia


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