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Oh The Games Men Play

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Oh The Games Men Play

Men and games go together. They really can’t help themselves. In China, every neighbourhood street (hutong) has small gatherings of players and onlookers engrossed in a central activity. In the parks men are doing curious things with balancing feathers and swords. Practicing balance and concentration.

It’s really not that hard to locate small groups of men enamoured with cards or boards. They don’t need a special place, any location on the side of the street will accommodate their pleasure. Location is far less important than whiling away the time over a board. The stakes must be high, as they do not mind a paparazzi session over their shoulder. Sometimes the ladies join in.

Havana, Cuba, chess, games
Men Play Chess in the Street, Havana

Cuba, dominoes, men
Havana Games for Men

Havana, Cuba, games, chess
Chess in the Street, Havana, Cuba


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