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Patagonia Lenticular Clouds

There is no doubt about it, the skies are dramatic in Patagonia and the lenticular clouds add to the show. There are sunrises, sun peeking out skies, rainy skies, sunsets, and starlit nights, but, it is the lenticular clouds that provide the unique southern hemisphere entertainment. As the Patagonia winds sweep the fragile landscape lenticular clouds swarm and swirl into forms and shapes that conjure imaginations. Can you see an old man, a cape performing, a mammal running in the sky? If you take the time to watch for more than a fleeting moment the shapes will make their way into your imagination.

Patagonia Lenticular Clouds
South America Landscape

Patagonia Lenticular Clouds
Hiking Under Clouds

Patagonia Lenticular Clouds
Chile Clouds

Patagonia Lenticular Clouds
What is in the South American Sky?

Patagonia Clouds
Waterfalls in South America

Patagonia Lenticular Clouds
Chilean Sunset


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