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Peddling Food In Old Hanoi Streets Edible Movable Food

Peddling Food In Old Hanoi Streets

Edible Movable Food

The streets of Old Hanoi have everything for the commodity browser, and, for shopping ease, many products are mobile. At least the edible ones are. For your convenience, these goods can come to you or float past you for the taking. All you need to do is connect with the ladies. Holding a glance works easiest. Sometimes it takes a beckoning move. Once you have their attention they will be by your side proffering up bananas, French bread and noodles in the same basket. Fast food, take note.

Lithe women, who would make most workout fiends jealous, balance limber poles and march around this old town flogging perishable goods in low open baskets. Everything from exotic fruit to fried mysteries can be bargained for, once eye contact is made with one of these street mistresses. With shoulder muscles primed, the vendors are always keeping an eye out for a possible sale, chatting with their competitors, ever watchful for a stray motorcycle and, less likely these days, a manual cycle that could cause havoc to their schedule. These capable peddlers ferry their goods around the streets of Old Hanoi most waking hours. Unable to walk the cluttered sidewalks where spare space is usually taken up by parked motorbikes, a few suspect dark sedans and the patchwork that is left for local people to carry on important daily tasks like eating noodles anytime and all day long, the food convoys manipulate what is left of the street after cars and a myriad of motor bipeds take their share.

They are a variety of food movers, peddling unto their own.

Hanoi women hawking
Hanoi Food Vendors

Hanoi street portrait
Hanoi Streets

Hanoi woman portrait
Food Vendors, Hanoi

Hanoi woman portrait
Hawking Food in Hanoi

Hanoi woman portrait
Hanoi Portrait of a Woman


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