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Portugal Late Afternoon Village Folks

Portuguese Amarante Region, Northern Portugal

Late Afternoon Folks

Portuguese old folks are easy to find in northern Portugal. Just step outside in the late afternoon. Catch them taking in the late afternoon warmth before dusk sets in. Cobbled streets absorbing the suns rays keeps those older tootsies toasty. Now just slow down to their pace. That is more difficult but necessary. It is part of the story.

Take the Amarante municipality, east of Porto, just far enough to venture from that manageable but hustling city to meet some countryside folks. They may have time to stop and gaze or even converse. That is, if you speak Portuguese. If you do not, universal language of gestures and smiles and friendliness works as well as in most parts of the world. If you are outside, milling about, and not looking at the wealth of northern mountain scenery, check the folks out. Just be warned, they can be a little shorter than you in stature, if you are sneaking candid shots. There is lots of time to make some hand gesture small talk even if you do not know Portuguese. Keep that camera low and the smile broad and you will be rewarded.

Portugal is a small country and easy to travel. Migrate away from the bigger centres and you will find Portuguese old folks less hurried in their gait but with stories in their eyes.

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