Siberian Art on Every Street

Siberian Art On Every Street

Walk about Ulan- Ude, Siberia after a day of rain and art is popping out at you on every corner. Take me! Take me!

Of course, there is the signature feature of western Siberia, little wooden houses. Combine these architectural gems, located on most street corners and in between, with the saturation of a recent torrent from the skies and copious material awaits capture. Don't let the overabundance of this Siberian architecture stifle your enthusiasm; it is a new day, take on a new outlook. The canvas is empty.

A country involved in conflicts for most of the last century and for many before that, any Russian city has at least one war memorial. Although the plaques are in Russian (in Siberia, the local language, Buryat) the nonverbal message of hero tribute is clear. Hostile faces, palms outstretched, armaments at their side, these fellows deserve a "click" or more. Be sure to work a new perspective to add interest, crouch under those menacing faces and dare to face their weapons. You will probably get off unscathed aside from a little knee knock. Turn around and there is another era of Siberian architecture from the Soviet era on display in the industrial district. It is just over the barbed fence that is keeping observers out or workers in, as the case may be. Finally, don't miss the Siberian graffiti; it will have you scratching your head over the deep meaning. The variety in art, perspective and inspiration was worth the walk.

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