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The Dog Days of Winter

The Dog Days of Winter

The dog lies sprawled by the fire, both eyes closed, feigning disinterest. And, ever so careful not to stir human interest. It does not happen often but that harbinger of Northern Hemisphere winter walks has cratered to the weather. What kind of self respecting dog prefers lounging over a human accompanied walk?

With temperatures in the deep zone, a shiver of frigidity envelops the land, infected with a nose tingling cold that has man and beast settled in.

The dog days of winter have landed for a stretch and it looks like it will be a long one, perhaps all of the way to spring. Meanwhile, the main character of winter wonderland exploration and master of stretching is out of commission. What a role reversal this is! Snow has been making its presence known since memory, or at least since the last eating fest, and just before the thermometer dips even more, the human requires a walk. Not a legendary one, just a refreshment. Moving beyond the usual carnivorous enticements the dog stirs and the lure of the leash overpowers the mind that knows numb paws and a colder than usual nose can be overcome.

It is all about winter attitude, even the dog has one.

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