Worlds Busiest Bike Lanes, Copenhagen

Worlds Busiest Bike Lanes, Copenhagen

Denmark has always been a little cycle crazy but with the Energy crisis in the 70's, things really turned aroundIf you don't like bicycles you had better stay away from this town. It's full of them and can be harrowing for a first time visitor! Step aside for townies, racers, designers, cargos, all shapes, colors and sizes for every need. Bicycles with baskets and bouquets and babies. Riders of all ages and sizes (mostly slim but varying heights), business folk, partiers, shoppers, some with or without shoes, a change of clothes in the basket for inclement weather. Keep off those superwide bike lanes!

Denmark has always been a little cycle crazy but with the 70's Energy Crisis things really turned around. Obviously now the government is on side with all of this wheel spinning. Denmark's Parliament (63% of Danish MP's commute to Christionsborg Castle in the city centre) passed national laws for protection against bicycle theft. Bicycle lanes are wide and parking is ample, traffic lights are coordinated for cyclists. Although one would assume this is an "eco" trip on a bicycle, most Copenhageners, first and foremost, find cycling more convenient than driving a vehicle, often one arrives at a destination faster. Major routes are organized so that commuters don't have to stop, bringing suburbia and neighbouring towns into the city without the exhaust fumes, parking and congestion issues. Copenhagen boasts the world's busiest biking lane with up to 40.000 cyclist passing daily. Breathe in the fresh air and take in all of those bicycles blurring by.

Copenhagen Bicycle Rack

Riding Copenhagen Streets

Copenhagen Biking, Denmark

Copenhagen Bicycle Riding


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