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Yukon Sled Dogs Tenacity and Focus with a Smile

Updated: Aug 19, 2018

Yukon Sled Dogs - Tenacity and Focus with a Smile

Head up to Yukon, Canada (The Yukon or The North) in autumn and you will be blessed with two primary colours (blue and yellow) scenery in every direction, even if it is raining. Bright azure skies and golden fall foliage are showing off their best on a stage of unspoiled beauty, mountains, fens, mosses and mooses. And dogs, lots of them offering tenacity with a smile.

You will be fortunate if you can spend some time with the Yukon sled dogs that the far northern hemisphere is known for. Check out Muktuk Adventures at

Trained to run at the front of the sled, these dogs know tenacity and focus. And they also know love. But running straight is not instinctive to a species that makes chase to forest critters crossing their path at any and every opportunity. Squirrel intersection ahead! So training is intense, just like the dog breed. The dog yard zooms from zero to one hundred in the blink of a tail swish. They are all about energy, captured and released.

Be warned, if you live with husky dogs for a few days there will be hair. Lots of it, on you coat, on your socks and in your mouth, from time to time. It is all about spreading the love around!

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