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Art Inspiration

Where is that elusive art inspiration? Perhaps you need to seek outside influences. Nature, people, music, movies, books, posters. Uninspiring or full of possibilities?

Other art hangouts can be a source for ideas. Gallery shows might be the act you want to follow. Art store bulletin boards. Just keep away from the temptation to buy more to feed the soul. Buying more gear or gadgets or paint will not fill the page. It is making the product, not acquiring more products that you need. Museums hold a cache of ideas on an inclement day. Watch for light falling, shadows creeping, highlights gleaming. These do not just hang out singly in photographs or paintings or sculptures or any one art form. They transcend across them all so get out and observe.

Follow trends? Colouring books for grownups do get the mind examining colour, form, focus, LINE (stay inside now). A return to childhood not your thing? Trendy inspires do not attract everyone. Perhaps you never liked colouring as a child. Some of us detested trying to keep within the lines. We just wanted to fill the page by our own rules. Outside of the lines, outside of the box, outside of your mind?

Your personal art bank is in a drought. Drained. And so are you. Spiralling into a creative idea funk.

Colour, line, shape, form, value, texture, perspective. Nature is a master at whatever you want to perfect, or at least what you aim to improve. Pattern, rhythm, movement, scale, balance, unity, emphasis. Everything from lichens to trees can be an inspire.

For more on staying outside of the lines in your creativity, you might want to leap outside of the box and try a new style.

art, watercolour, primary colours
Try A New Art Style

alfresco, plein air, watercolour
Try A New Setting

art, watercolour, beets, painting
Try a New Medium


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