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Havana, Cuba - It's All About Baseball in the Streets

Havana, Cuba - It’s All About Baseball In The Streets

Many kids learn their place in the world of sports slipping on ice rinks, leaping in basketball courts, kicking soccer balls and tossing footballs. It’s no surprise (and readily observable to any visitor) that, in Cuba, "the" game is baseball. Young and old, head out to any paved (or gravel) intersection, public plaza or trespass to an open field, there is always a game on where two or three gather. Grab a bat, and, no matter, if you don't have one, improvise with any stick that will send that ball soaring.

They rally and scramble and pitch and slam anything that will fly from a makeshift bat through the streets of any neighbourhood, and hopefully, get caught in the glove or hand of another player before any destruction takes place. Anything that slightly resembles a bat or ball is all you need for performance.  There are lots of participants available on most streets. Locals just walk on by and spectators are not acknowledged. Age differences don’t matter, getting a game on is all that counts.

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